Individual Therapy

“Loving ourselves through the process of owning our story is the bravest thing we will ever do.”
–Brené Brown

path and choicesThere are so many reasons you may be considering therapy…

You may feel overwhelmed by new circumstances in your relationships, work, or health. You feel like your ability to handle these concerns or get help from friends is lost.

You reach out to a friend or loved one but may quickly feel dismissed or misunderstood. They may even provide you a meme or a stereotype thinking the humor will “fix what ails you.”

Suggestions feel like directives, and others are trying to tell you what to do: “stop taking the medicine,” “go see this doctor,” “eat this magical diet,” “take the snake oil,” “they wouldn’t want you to be sad, move on,” “it’s just a phase,” “you don’t need that person in your life,”  “stop being so irritable.”

The books, stereotypes, online Internet searches, everyone’s advice… none of it seems to provide lasting help.

Some days you feel fine, and others, you definitely do not.

On those difficult days, do you wish you had someone to guide you along while enabling you to make your own informed decisions: to write your own story?

Starting to get help from a stranger can be very scary.

You are finally ready to get some help, but you know so little about me. The idea of sharing all the intimate details of your life with a stranger has you wondering if it will even work.

Being vulnerable is required to make a change in your life, but it can be intimidating.

Opening up emotional wounds can be painful and uncomfortable, much like a broken bone hurts like the dickens before it’s set and healed.

watermarkedAvoiding pain is a normal reaction.

While cooking, you likely use an oven mitt to keep yourself from burning your hand on a hot baking sheet.

When we do this emotionally, it keeps us safe for a while from the unwanted private thoughts and feelings that hurt and make us feel uncomfortable.

But unfortunately, the more we attempt to avoid the pain, the more it remains hidden and festers – the more it causes suffering.

We all need a little help sometimes…

And we both know that, in this case, an oven mitt won’t suffice. You need an ally…

To begin our therapeutic relationship, we’ll figure out exactly what will be helpful for you. So, during our first couple of meetings, we’ll discuss the specifics of what you’re going through, some of your history, and your thoughts on the present and future.

We’ll then work together to set realistic, yet comfortable, goals. They’ll be based on what’s important and meaningful to you. Maybe that’s your health, living the best quality of life possible for you despite your health, having more meaningful relationships, reducing stress, minimizing time-consuming rituals or obsessions, or something else entirely.

Of course, our path may change over time. Life isn’t rigid, so we shouldn’t be either. But, no matter what, you can count on our doctors being open and honest with you about diagnoses, treatment plans, and progress.

Our work will then be driven by these goals and based on what works. We have a lot of research, education, and experience, that will help you meet your goals!

And it all takes place in a nonjudgmental space.

There’s no need to go it alone or suffer in silenceWe are here to help you live the life you envision for yourself.

We know that’s probably hard to imagine right now because the circumstances that have brought you to this page are probably overwhelmingly difficult and painful.

A “perfect life” sounds great. How do I get that?

Well, here’s the bad news: Perfect lives are unattainable.

Why bother then?

Good question. We can guess that whatever you are doing (or not doing) now isn’t working. If it were, would you still be reading this? It’s okay that it’s not.

In other words, while life won’t be perfect, it will be more meaningful and fulfilling.

Your life will be based on what you value, and you’ll be able to handle all it throws at you: the good, the bad, the ugly, and anything in-between.

You’ll be more present in the moment… and feel less controlled by the difficult things. You will own your story, becoming the author of the rest of it!

You’re ready, so take the next step…

Are you ready to learn new ways of handling your difficulties?

Are you ready to live the best life possible for you?

If so, let’s begin the process of healing and work toward your dreams!

Call today to begin: (724) 271-8503.