Grief & Loss

There is no one way to grieve.

Grief is the reaction to loss.

Whether your loss is shared with others or yours alone, your relationship to the person, animal, or thing that has been lost is different. Therefore, it makes sense that your grief, your reactions, and your experience of that loss are different.

Sometimes others say things or ask questions that make you doubt the duration or intensity of your loss. Their suggestions, platitudes,  or judgment feel unhelpful. Who can help me?

Do I even need help?  Does it matter if you can’t bring back the person or thing that was lost? Won’t time heal this wound?

Grief can help you adjust to living after the loss, whether the loss is from death or from a non death loss.

You are sick of hearing “move on already.”

While grief cannot be healed, learning to live with and move forward with the grief is possible. This allows you space to learn to live despite the loss and how to incorporate the loss into your present.

Some days this will be easier than others.  Some days grief will be painful and tortuous, and some days grief may even encompass joy.

That joy – laughing at a funny video, remembering a happy time, spending time with loved ones- may come with shame, guilt, or feeling that the loss didn’t matter or happen. And, because there is no timeline on grief, you may find yourself feeling the sadness, pain, and hurt again.

How can I live with this grief??

Life can feel overwhelming and confusingTherapy can help.

We cannot bring back the lost person, animal, or thing that you lost, but we can help you explore what has happened, anything that was lost as a result of the first loss, and the emotions you are experiencing.

We will work together to help you adjust to living with the loss in the way that makes the most sense for you and that aligns with your values. We will help you figure out who you are after the loss and how to navigate the next chapter in your life.

We will work to validate and normalize your grief while working in a safe nonjudgmental space to do so.

Are you ready?

You do not need to walk in this grief journey alone. Let us walk with you so that you can learn to ride the waves of grief.

Your grief is valid. Don’t suffer alone.

If you are ready to take the next step toward becoming a better you, call today: (724) 271-8503.