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Hearing the words “you have cancer” is shocking.

The doctor kept speaking, but your mind was moving in a million directions at once. “How can this be? Am I going to survive this?”

Figuring out what specialists to see and tests you need to take is a full-time job you didn’t plan for.

At night, alone with your thoughts, your mind worries about the impact this will have on your friends and family. You imagine what you’ll look like losing your hair – your mortality.

Your family is putting on a brave face, but you can see they’re worried.

The thought of being a burden to them only makes it worse. So, you say nothing and hide your feelings.

People tell you, “You’ll get through this,” but how can they know? So, you smile and say, “thank you.”

Other people keep telling you that you’re “brave,” but you don’t feel brave – you don’t have a choice.

No one seems to understand what you’re feeling or knows what to say to you.

Counseling with a psycho-oncologist can help.

Through support and exploration of what matters most to you, we’ll explore all the things that come with a cancer diagnosis.

As we work together, you’ll feel heard and safe while sharing details of your life. We’ll work through your concerns about the future and what comes next.

I’ve had years of experience and training with families affected by cancer.

Those experiences with my patients have taught me how to manage the uncertainty introduced by a cancer diagnosis.

My passion for helping and care has guided me to a compassionate approach that’s coupled with knowledge. You’ll find a deep understanding at the heart of how I support you during this time.

While you have cancer, you don’t need to be defined by it.

Family and friends focus so much on your illness that you feel like your diagnosis fills the room before you can even speak.

While their well-meaning concern is not meant to isolate you, it has. You aren’t you anymore. You feel like “the cancer patient.”

We’ll begin to explore how to have a quality and meaningful life despite your illness.

Together, we’ll work to address your emotions and concerns so you can live and thrive on your terms, regardless of your diagnosis.

Give yourself the support you deserve today.

Don’t struggle through this difficult challenge alone.

I’m here to support you every step of the way.

This is a fight in which you want someone in your corner.

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