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Comprehensive ADHD Assessment for Children & Teens

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Your child is struggling to keep up.

Their backpack is a black hole of crumpled papers and forgotten assignments.

Every little thing seems to pull their attention away from what they’re supposed to be doing.

They have big dreams, but following through is a constant battle.

You wonder if ADHD could be the reason why they are struggling.

Why Can’t They Just Sit Still and Focus?

Their teacher says they can’t sit still in class, but they’ll spend hours absorbed in video games or watching a show.

They’re constantly on the move, fidgeting and squirming.

Homework time turns into a battle of wills and unfinished assignments.

Their emotions swing from 0 to 60 in a split second.

You worry that their impulsivity might get them into trouble.

Get the answers and support you and your child needs.

Through comprehensive ADHD assessment, we’ll uncover your child’s unique strengths and challenges, creating a roadmap for their success.

We’ll help you understand your brain, not just label their behavior or them.

Armed with a clear diagnosis and understanding of their unique strengths, we’ll empower you and them to make informed decisions about education, school, and the future.

Whether it’s ADHD or another underlying issue, we’ll provide you with resources, guidance, and to help them thrive.

It’s time to see your child thrive, not just survive.

Understand Your Child’s Potential With ADHD Assessment.

Don’t let ADHD or other issues hold your child back from reaching their full potential.

Discover if our comprehensive ADHD assessment is right for your family.

Start your child’s journey towards a more focused, fulfilling life.

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