About Angela Dean, PsyD, FT

(She / Her)

Hi, I’m Dr. Angela Dean.

You and I will be partners in your healing.

Angela M. Dean, PsyD, FT

Angela M. Dean PsyD, FT

You will set your goals for our work, and I will guide you to overcome the very issue that led you to call me. Therapy may be tough at times, but I will support you through the change so that you enter the next season with the ability and confidence to go forth living a life that aligns with your values.

Together, we will develop your plan to make sustainable, lasting change in pursuit of the life you want to be living.

While I will lend you my expertise, experience, and training, you remain the expert in your own life. Our combined expertise will allow you to attain the life you want to live.

I’ve been curious about people since I was a kid.

I developed a natural curiosity beginning in my childhood for who people were and how their circumstances affected their lives.

My grandma used to run a corner store in her small town. As a kid, I watched her connect with her customers with genuine empathy. She was always drawn to helping others in need.

I learned from her the values of connection, compassion, and relationship with others.

I’ve had two other careers, but they were based on a life that didn’t reflect my true values.

So, I returned to my roots and channeled the lessons I learned from my grandmother into my present career as a psychologist.

Some of my education and training…

I earned my master’s and doctoral degrees in psychology from Chatham University. The university’s focus on sustainability and well-being is rooted in its most famous alumna, Rachel Carson. She said, “There is something infinitely healing in the repeated refrains of nature –the assurance that dawn comes after night, and spring after winter.”

So, it’s no surprise that I’ll bring this perspective into my work with you. I want to make sure the changes you make are sustainable and promote your well-being.

I’ve completed a behavioral medicine doctoral internship in rural West Virginia, two post-doctoral internships: one in behavioral medicine in West Virginia and another in obsessive-compulsive disorder in Pittsburgh, PA. Following my education, I have worked in a variety of mental health and medical settings.

I am also a Fellow in Thanatology: Death, Dying, & Bereavement through the Association for Death Education & Counseling  (ADEC) which enable me to help you with loss of people, pets, and non-death losses such as health, relationship coming to an end, or a failed dream. No matter the cause, experiencing grief can feel overwhelming and isolating.

Now’s the time to take that next step…

Are you ready to begin? Are you ready to wake up knowing that while life is not perfect, you are working on making it better and making it “fit” with what is important to you?

If so, let’s get you on a plan to manage any challenge that comes your way!

Call today to see how I can help: (724) 271-8503.