About Therapy

“There is something infinitely healing in the repeated refrains of nature –
the assurance that dawn comes after night, and spring after winter.”

–Rachel Carson

watermarkedLife can feel overwhelming and confusing. Knowing when and what can help may seem like “one more thing.”

Your problems feel overpowering. At times, the uncertainty of what will happen next sends you spiraling into thoughts that feel hopeless – even paralyzing – and maybe even numb.

Trying to control what you can, you try to make it through each day. But, often, this doesn’t work, leaving you feeling drained and worried.

You feel like you are going through motions, but life is not enjoyable and not what you envisioned it would be at this time in your life. You realize you want things to be different.

It takes courage to admit it. Others may not understand.

The great news is that today is a new day, and our doctors can help you live a life you want to live.

We understand making the call feels scary. When you do, we will hear you and meet you where you are. Whether you are new to therapy or a veteran, we will be here to honor the courage and strength it took to make the call today.

Taking your first steps…

When you call…

We will have a brief conversation and set up a time to meet either in person or by video.

When you pull up to the building…

You’ll see a courtyard filled with plants and a seating area – and trees and flowers depending on the season. As you open the door into the waiting room, you will be surrounded by plants in a simple but comfortable waiting room. The doctor will come and invite you into her cozy office with comfy chairs and soothing colors.

When you sit down with your provider for the first time…

You might be feeling strong emotions, or you might not be feeling anything at all. Maybe you don’t even have the words for how you feel. Perhaps this is your first time in therapy… or perhaps you’ve been to many other therapy sessions.

This is the beginning of a new life…

This is the start to your living the way you want to live because of (or quite possibly despite) whatever you have been through. Parts of life may well be out of your control, but you don’t want to be controlled by the circumstances any longer.

Your courage to ask for help will be met with warmth, kindness, and years of helping people live with the uncertainty of what is next. While we, unfortunately, cannot predict the future for you, we are certain that together you and your provider can help you live the way you want to.

Through the laughter and the tears (and everything in between), we will work together. (Tissues included!)

We’re going to be partners in your healing.

You may not know exactly what your future holds, but you know that living like you are – exactly like it – is not what you want.

A daydream sounds magical. A fantasy of what you want your life to be feels impossible. How can you make those things – or anything close to them – happen?

We’ll then work together to develop your plan – to make it sustainable… and ensure that it’ll create the long-term changes you’re looking for. It will be based on your values (i.e., what’s important to you). So, together, we explore just that. What matters most to you (not your dog or your cousin’s best friend’s turtle’s sister’s owner) will be at the core of figuring out where we start.

Your provider will guide you as you confront, address, and resolve the very issues that led you to call us. Through discussion and exploration of your past and present and quite possibly some simple testing (no worries, there is no SAT or GRE here), we will identify the roots of your current pain.

Therapy may be tough at times…

While you want things to be better, that change can be frightening. Some days, you may feel like making a change or crying through another hour with your psychologist would be better replaced with some Netflix or TikTok.

Your provider will encourage you to share that challenge with her anyway. She will listen, support you, and even evaluate their role in whatever feels difficult – making any appropriate changes to your treatment plan.

Ultimately, the doctor will support you with their expertise, experience, and training by making you feel heard, validated, and seen. Time and time again, we have had patients – old, young, middle-aged, stoic, reserved, all genders, all races, and all creeds – share that our connection made them feel trusted and that our ability to kindly, gently challenge them helped move them toward the life they want to live.

When you finish therapy, you’ll enter the next season of your life with confidence, knowing that you’re venturing into a life that aligns with who you are and what you value most.

We have seen time and time again how therapy works.

Through hard work and being vulnerable in our work, the change you seek is possible.

Here are (a few of thousands) examples:

We have seen patients with even the darkest of health prognoses live with acceptance, joy, and peace for the rest of their lives.

We have been privileged to witness patients with crippling anxiety resume life through tolerance of uncertainty.

After learning different ways of relating to self and others, many of our patients have been truer to themselves, resulting in richer, more fulfilling relationships.

Now’s the time to take that next step…

Are you ready to begin? Are you ready to wake up knowing that while life is not perfect, you are working on making it better and making it “fit” with what is important to you?

If so, let’s get you on a plan to manage any challenge that comes your way!

Call today to see how I can help: (724) 271-8503.